NANPA Foundation Photo Blind Grant Program Application

In 1997, the NANPA Foundation began funding construction of photo blinds in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This partnership resulted in 40 blinds at 37 National Wildlife Refuges in 24 states.

Today, the NANPA Foundation has expanded its funding efforts into a Photo Blind Grant. This grant of up to $1,500 is awarded to qualifying groups interested in building or making modifications to a photo blind at any refuge, wildlife reserve, state/city park or other natural area.

These grants are available year-round. You will be notified with the results of the review process within 3 months of receipt of your application.

Find out more about the NANPA Foundation’s  Photo Blind Program and see our image gallery of select Blinds around the country.

    The NANPA Foundation Photo Blind Grant Program Online Application

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    Briefly describe your project/program. Examples: "We plan to build a Blind holding 8 people at the XYZ refuge or State Park. "We plan to modify an existing Photo Blind that is in disrepair."

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    Please indicate the Latitude/longitude Coordinates of Blind location.

    Name of owner/manager of the refuge/park/property.

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    Do you have permission from the land owner and manager to place a Blind on the property? Please provide written confirmation as an attachment.

    Amount of funding requested (up to $1,500). Please provide a detailed budget as an attachment.

    Please describe what photo opportunities will be available at the Blind.

    Will a professional photographer be involved in the siting of the Blind?

    Please describe the process you have or will go through to site the Blind including the name of the professional photographer used to site the blind and his/her comments about the proposed location.

    What labor force will be used to construct the Blind?

    Provide the planned dates for starting and completing the project.



    Who will be responsible for maintenance and repairs?

    How often will the Blind be inspected for damage?

    Where will NANPA signage and NANPA Foundation literature be located within or near the Blind?

    Who will be responsible for making sure the literature is well stocked?

    In applying for this Grant, you agree to display the following items on the Blind (we will provide materials):

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