NANPA Foundation sponsors Special Prize for photo taken in national park or wildlife refuge

NANPA Foundation is proud to sponsor a Special Award for a photograph taken within the borders of a national park or wildlife refuge worldwide in the Share the View International Nature Photography Contest. The sponsorship is a natural extension of NANPA Foundation’s photo blinds program, an effort to encourage responsible nature photography on public lands.

The Special Award in National Parks and Wildlife Refuges includes a $250 prize and recognition opportunities. It’s one of seven Special Awards in the 2021 Share the View contest. A $1,000 Grand Prize is also up for grabs in the competition, an annual contest that helps raise funds for conservation organizations. The 2021 Share the View contest benefits African People & Wildlife, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, and LightHawk. Photo submissions are due December 1 at the Share the View website.

NANPA Foundation Photo Blinds Program

NANPA Foundation has been helping to connect nature photographers to national parks and wildlife refuges for 25 years, helping site, fund, and construct 47 nature photography blinds in 29 states—and still counting. The Foundation offers grants on a rolling basis year-round. Learn more about the program in this short video:

The photo blind program started in 1997 as a collaboration with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service but has expanded to a wide variety of natural areas, including wildlife reserves and state/city parks—from coast to coast throughout the United States. Download a map of the existing photo blind locations >