Do You See the Big Picture?

Nature photography community is incomplete without the NANPA Foundation

We’ve raised 84% of our $25,000 fundraising goal in honor of the NANPA Foundation’s 25 years, so 84% of the big image above is visible. The image—created by professional travel and wildlife photographer Cindy Miller Hopkins—will be revealed throughout the year as we get closer to our fundraising goal. MAKE A GIFT >

If you only know NANPA, and not the NANPA Foundation, then you’re only seeing part of the picture.

A few years after the storied meeting at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute established NANPA as a membership-based association, the NANPA Foundation was formed as a separate but complementary nonprofit organization. Structured differently, the Foundation can accept tax-deductible charitable donations and shares NANPA’s commitment to nature photography education, environmental protection, and responsible photography in the wild. Together, NANPA and the NANPA Foundation offer a more complete array of possibilities for the nature photography community.

25 Years and Growing

The NANPA Foundation turns 25 this year, but that’s not its most impressive number. In that time the Foundation has supported 21 conservation projects affecting communities throughout North America—from New Hampshire to San Francisco, San Pedro Mezquital to British Columbia and Alaska—and even to northeast Africa. It has awarded $20,000 in grants for undergraduate and graduate study in photography, provided immersive hands-on learning experiences and mentoring to 135 high school and 121 college students, and erected 47 photo blinds on public lands throughout the U.S., including 37 at National Wildlife Refuges. These achievements are made possible by charitable contributions from individuals like you.

In honor of the NANPA Foundation’s 25th birthday, we’re asking NANPA members to make a donation of $25 or more to support ongoing initiatives like these and more.

The Complete Picture

As funds are received, the image above—created by Cindy Miller Hopkins, professional travel and wildlife photographer who serves on the NANPA Foundation’s Board of Trustees—will be revealed. When we hit our $25,000 goal, you’ll be able to see the complete picture.