2019 Summit Attendees Crush Fundraising Goal

Attendees of NANPA’s 2019 Nature Photography Summit and Trade Show rose to the occasion for the NANPA Foundation – to put it mildly!


Nearly $22,000 was raised at the February event in Las Vegas, thanks to the $11,821 donated by attendees and the additional $10,000 that was pledged by several donors before the event as a match to donations secured onsite.


In addition to its fundraising campaign, the NANPA Foundation also engaged attendees in a game of “Dead or Alive” during Saturday’s luncheon. Participants listened to a list of famous individuals and had to correctly identify if the person was dead or alive to continue playing the game and having a chance to win the cash prize. Congratulations to Julie Gustafson who was the last donor standing!

2019 NANPA Summit Attendees Play Dead or Alive During Saturday’s Luncheon. Photo by Janice Braud


The NANPA Foundation is a separate nonprofit organization that provides resources to advance the awareness and appreciation of nature through photography. The Foundation funds NANPA’s high school and college student photography programs as well as awards grants for photo blinds to be built in public nature areas, conservation projects using photography, and for the study of photography in a higher education setting.


Money raised at the Summit will be used to fund NANPA’s 2020 High School Scholarship Program, the 2021 NANPA Summit College Scholarship Program, the 2019 Philip Hyde Grant and potential photo blind grant applications that are received.

NANPA Foundation Board Trustees Mary Jane Gibson and Sonia Wasco emcee the Foundation’s Dead or Alive fundraising game. Photo by Janice Braud

For more information on the NANPA Foundation and the programs that it supports, visit the Foundation’s website at www.nanpafoundation.org.

The Dead or Alive game raised $944 for the NANPA Foundation during the 2019 Summit. Photo by Janice Braud

A special thanks to the following donors who gave during the 2019 Summit:


Anonymous (10)

Barbara Adams

Betty Anderson

Roger Archibald

David Armer

Ragnar Avery

Peggy Baker

Alyce Bender

Jeffrey Botkin

Lynne Buchanan

Alice Cahill

Don Carter

John Craig

Michael Daniel

Richard & Susan Day

Steven DeHaas

Tom Duffy

Gary Farber

George Feehan – in memory of Peggy Feehan

Carol Grenier

Ronald Grzeda

Bruce Haley

Jane Halperin – in memory of Richard Halperin

Jeannine Hansen

Jeanne Hartman

Tom Haxby

Carl Henry

Sarah Herman

Jon Holloway

Greg Jaeger

Roger Johnson

Rick Kattelmann

Airdrie Kincaid

Richard LaBelle

Bill MacFarland

Susan McElhinney

Cindy Miller Hopkins

Ted Moreno

Marcia Mueller

Charles Needle

Lou Nettelhorst – in memory of Nancy Rotenberg and Pat Wadecki

Barbara O’Connor

Ted Orwig

Naiara Paiva – in memory of Richard Halperin

Dee Ann Pederson

Cheryl Pelavin

Richard Perkins

Patrick Pevey

Gabby Salazar

Michael Schertz

Sherry Schmidt

Karen Schuenemann

Jennifer Smith

Andy Smith

Jeanne Sparks

Larry St. Pierre

Michael Stearns

Karen Sullivan

George Theodore

Budd Titlow

Greg Vaughn

David Vellenga

Sonia Wasco

Wayne Waters

Robert Wilbourn

Andy Wilson