Mark Kreider

Mark is from North Newton, Kansas and has double major goals in Environmental Science (Ecology) and Music at Goshen College in Indiana. Mark attended our 2013 Nature Photography Summit and Trade Show held in Jacksonville, Florida as a winner our High School Scholarship program. The connections he made were invaluable in furthering his studies in conservation and launching his professional career. Mark’s website features more of his beautiful images.

“The high school scholarship program has positively impacted me in numerous ways. As a result of the program, I developed numerous friendships with fellow young photographers and professionals active in conservation and nature photography worldwide. These colleagues continue to be a source of inspiration and guidance, even several years after the scholarship program. In addition, the program connected me to a worldwide network of NANPA members. When I spent a year in Alaska, I was able to make contact with an accomplished photographer and start a monthly nature photography group, all due to the connections gained through NANPA.

I am always excited to see what new opportunities this network will open up, from potential internships to having one of my images selected for an exhibit at the International Photography Hall of Fame. The scholarship program also profoundly influenced my vocational dream—seeing passionate and talented conservation photographers at the Summit made me realize that I want to give back in a similar way. For that reason, I am currently majoring in Environmental Science alongside Music in college. I hope to pair ecology and conservation biology with my photography in order to celebrate, protect, and promote understanding of important natural areas.”