Donor Information

Donors have a lot of choices available to them as they decide how to make their philanthropic gifts. We hope the NANPA Foundation is one of those choices. We are including information here that helps share how contributions to the NANPA Foundation are utilized.

Annual Reports (PDF):

2015-2016 NANPA Foundation Annual Report
2014-2015 NANPA Foundation Annual Report

Donor Newsletters (PDF):

January 2016

October 2015

NANPA Foundation Donors
January 1 – December 31, 2016

Up to $100
Barbara Adams
Ken Archer
Barbara Baird
Peter Balunek
Myer S. Bornstein
Jim Brown
Vaughn Browne
Chester Burgess
Joseph Campana
Donald Carter
Steven Carter
Stefan Christmann
Susan Cooper
Ginger Creevy
Deanne D. Cunningham
Michele Dandrea Lowell
Mark Davis
Beverly Delidow – in honor of Wendell Argabrite
David DesRochers
Lawrence C. Duke
Mitchell L. Ehrlich
Bernard P. Friel
Mary Jane Gibson
Cindy Goeddel
Gregory Goodman
Kimber S. Grabs
Bobbi Gress
Cathy Hart
Mary Hartt
David Hattori
James Heupel
Jeanne Hoadley
Beth Huning
Gerald Johnson
Alison Jones
Thomas Kachelmeyer
Mary Kaplan
Ted W. Keller
Lewis Kemper
Russ Kinne
Don Kurz
Mark A. Larson
Bruce Lipsky
Gordon Lund
Stacey J. Meanwell
Wayne Mitchell
Chad Mooney
Chris Moore
Tom V. Myers
Conrad Obregon
Theodore I. Orwig
Cynthia Parnell
Cheryl G. Pelavin
Richard P. Perkins
James Peters, PhD
Ray Pfortner
Richard Pietz
Teresa Ransdell
Ronald S. Rosenstock
Gabrielle Salazar
Robert A. Schlatter
William Shanney
Wendy Shick
Ira Skurnick
David Small
Michael L. Smith
Katherine Stafford
Bruce C. Straits
William Sutton
Melissa Theil
Robert Vestal
R. Carlton Ward
Sonia Wasco
Harold Watson
Linda Williams
Anonymous (22)

Jeffrey R. Botkin
Sean Fitzgerald
Colin Haase
Annie Images
Lindsey Martin
Jacquelyn B. Steedle/Strabo Tours
Clay Wimberley
Anonymous (3)

Richard & Susan Day
Kevin Fitz Patrick
Dennis A. Holt
Teofilo Moreno
Dee Ann Pederson

Francine Butler
Jane K. Stanley
Mac Stone
Anonymous (1)

$1,000 and up
James & Suzanne Balog
Jerry Bowman
Gary Farber/Hunt’s Photo & Video
Janie Moore Greene
John & Shirley Nuhn
Alice L. Robertson