• Photo blind in Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge built by James Boyce Flowers as part of his Eagle Scout project. The blind was funded by the NANPA Foundation for public use in the NWR. © James Boyce Flowers

    MNWR Blind for Web

  • Image from 2017 Janie Moore Greene Grant Recipient Kelsey Gramza

    Kelsey Gramza GrasshopperUB

  • 2019 NANPA Summit College Scholarship Program Students working on the production of their Clark County Wetlands Park video. © Jon Holloway

    2019 College Program Students in Production

  • North American beaver (Castor canadensis) on the Anacostia River, Washington DC metro region. Krista Schlyer, 2016 Philip Hyde Grant recipient, worked on a project to create a thorough documentation of the river from its deep biodiversity to the connection of people to this river system, as well as the past and ongoing threats to the river’s health and the solutions that promise a better future. © Krista Schlyer

    Anacostia 7-2014-7094

  • Image from 2016 Janie Moore Greene Grant Recipient Jiayu Su


  • All that glitters is not gold. Each light represents marijuana plants that once grew within this stretch of the High Sierra National Forest in California. A single grow can range from a thousand to tens of thousands of plants. This is part of 2017 Philip Hyde Grant Recipient Morgan Heim's project "Trespass." © Morgan Heim

    morgan heim_candlelight grow-smaller

  • 2018 NANPA High School Scholarship Program participants in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park by Spencer Caserio, a participant in the program. The program is funded by the NANPA Foundation.

  • Beidler Forest, part of 2018 Philip Hyde Grant Recipient Mac Stone's Old Growth: Swamps of the South project. The goal of Stone's project is to heighten the profile and increase the appreciation for and understanding of all wetland forests through the compelling narratives found in these ambassadorial swamps. © Mac Stone


  • Image from 2018 Janie Moore Greene Grant Recipient Jake Brown Homovich

    Jake Brown Homovich image2

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